What is SaaS Growth Hacks?

SaaS Growth Hacks is a community of SaaS entrepreneurs and growth marketers working to drive value and growth for eachother. Our community focuses on helping eachother and providing value!

How do I list my product in the directory?

It's easy, Just create an account fill out the form, and your listing will be created

Then, be sure to join our facebook group.

A core value of the SaaS Growth Hacks community is creating value for others in the community. This directory serves as a way for us to all contribute something of value to the community and makes it super easy for us to find each other products and services. Be sure to write out what you’ll bring to the community of value.

For example, I run a SaaS and Growth Marketing agency. I have a product called ActionWins that makes it super easy to add referral programs to any web or mobile application. My offer to the community is 50% off our normal subscription fee for six months. I also offer to do a free analysis of your sales funnel and provide you with a screen recording with tips for how to improve your growth strategy.

>> This is a must read for all members of our Facebook Group<<

1. NO LINKS to articles, blogs, posts, videos. If you post a link to an article and say: "Cool tips about XYZ here, check it out" the post will be deleted. INSTEAD, read the article and post the highlights from the article and any insights you gained in a post. You CAN post an article in the comments though in response to a question.

2. Introduce yourself! Tell us who you are, where you're from, and talk about your SaaS. Ask for feedback. Give advice. Start a discussion. This is a place for you to learn from some of the top SaaS Founders and Executives in the industry.

3. Self-promotion is allowed, but you must provide value FIRST. Value can be in the form of a Method Post (a step by step post for how you did something) sharing insights, tips, etc. If you're unsure, PM me first.

4. Attached is our SGH Private Directory This is a place for you to share your info and find connections with others that can turn into profitable JVs, partnerships, and relationships. Please use it!